Liandi vd Westhuyzen Physiotherapy

Physio, Pilates, Rehab & Excercise Therapy

Treatment Modalities

Massage  and trigger point treatment - One of the most well known techniques which improves circulation and decrease muscle spasm, pain and swelling.  Athletes often come for recovery rub downs as well as pre and post events.  

Dry Needling - By inserting a needle into a specific muscle trigger point, the body reacts by releasing a hormone, endomorphin, which acts as a muscle relaxant.  

Electrotherapy (Interferential therapy and Ultrasound - Effectively used to drain swelling and control inflammation in acute injuries.  It is an electrotherapeutic modality where micro vibrations changes the permeability of veins to enhance  drainage of fluid.

Joint Mobilisations - Specific techniques used on peripheral and spinal joints increase mobility, decrease pain and indirectly causes muscle relaxation.

Strapping - Rigid and sport tape is used to immobilise certain joints or structures and to protect after injury and returning to sport.  Kinesiology tape is used to either inhibit or facilitate muscle function and is a valuable tool in the rehabilitation process.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) - Used in cases of pronounced muscle weakness.  Electrical impulses is sent through the weakened muscle, stimulating subconscious muscle contraction

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) - Frequently used in chronic pain conditions.  Low voltage electrical currents are sent through the affected area for pain relief.