Liandi vd Westhuyzen Physiotherapy

Physio, Pilates, Rehab & Excercise Therapy


Pilates is a form of exercise therapy which focuses and combines breathing with mobility, core muscles and strengthening.  The aim is to facilitate movement, learn correct movement patterns and activate certain stabilising muscles to ensure good posture and strong, mobile bodies. Pilates is particularly effective in treating chronic back pain, rehabilitation following spinal surgery, improving strength and mobility in athletes as well as improving well being and prevention of injuries in the general population.  Improvement in mobility, strength, body awareness and muscle tone is achieved through Pilates.

Pilates for pregnant women
Pilates strengthens your tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles, without loading your other joints so it is a great exercise to do during pregnancy.  It targets the muscles used during birth, which can help with your delivery, as well as speed up your recovery process.

Please contact us to join one of our classes.  We have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes so everyone is welcome!